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DNS, Mail or Web Hosting on this server

Add: Goth/Industrial bellydance classes starting sept 28th

Q. So whats all this about then and is it of any interest to me?

A. well if you have/are a club, shop, band, organization person etc of a gothy nature} and want web-site {with a gothic and irish association}.
or you would like the URL to be http://{shop/club/band/org/person/whatever-name}.gothic.ie you can get it though us.
{you always continue to have the option to add www.{name}.com/ie/org as an alternative/additional name later through ourseelves, or to at anytime have us transfer control of the name to another hosting provider.}
{it will be your sitename as long as the club/shop/band/org/person/whatever exists}
or if you just want an e-mail address of {whatever}@gothic.ie you can get it though us.

Q. I already have a server of my own or an existing website can i still get a gothic.ie URL? {sitename}

A. yes we can either host the site here or point the URL to any properly configured web server.
or for other {not so properly setup} types of server we can point a DNS A/MX/CNAME record for {domain}.gothic.ie at any ip
and for the real geek controll freak we can even delagate the sub-domiain entirely to any properly configured DNS-server.

Q. I don't have control of the configuration of the server but i have a http://www.isp.com/sitename/ type site that i want to keep can you point a gothic.ie URL at this?
A. short answer no, but thats not the end. we can point the name at our web-server and tell our server to either
  • http re-direct to forward the request to http://www.isp.com/sitename/ {example: http://bullets.gothic.ie/}
  • {depreciated} we can host a single surrounding html frameset to surround http://www.isp.com/sitename {example: none atm}
Q. So what about e-mail addresses?

well there are at least two main ways we can deal with that

  • we can forward e-mail addressed to whatever@gothic.ie to your current e-mail address and you collect the mail via whatever method you currently use.
  • we can deliver e-mail addressed to whatever@gothic.ie to a local pop3 mailbox and you use a mail client such as Eudora or Pegasus to collect it.

    {I strongly urge people not to use MS. Outlook or Outlook Express on their pc's the potential for viral infection and unwitting spreading trough these products is too high, if however you do insist on using them please don't store my details in your address book ;) }

  • We can additionally forward/deliver e-mail addressed to whatever@gothic.ie to multiple targets to create a group address, or ensure you have copies at both home and work if for some reason you need this {such as bandname@gothic.ie going to all members private address's} just ask!
  • some things you must do to get dependable forwarding working with: hotmail/windows live,
Q. so how much does this cost me?

A. well if the site/email is for a gig,club or anyone providing a service that promotes the gothic scene the cost is usually free,
but bribes/pints/free-passes are accepted {and traditional}, as i do have to do a certain amount of work {and part with a bit of cash} to keep it all live.
if the site/email is for personal use/vanity then price is only technically free,
as bribes in pintage/pizza/non-monetory form of barter is actually mandatory for stuff not directly benifiting the scene

Q. I want to get www.mydomain.com can you help?

A. yes i can provide dns mail and web-hosting for a price to anyone
{and cheaper to people who are involved in supporting any social scene of personal interest, and some techie buddies}
but this is more usually a request handled through my alternate personality at https://www.alandoherty.net/webhosting/

Q. so what clubs/people are using your server?
A. well lets see we have the lists of
current gothic.ie websites & redirects Hosted on these servers
this list started purely as the error pages given out when a non-existant site is asked for but too many eejits linked to it!
dead clubs ex-bands etc. who's sites are still archived on the server
because history is important especially nowdays where too much information is lost daily.
other domains hosted on this server
As some of you might be interested in the fetish piercing or other alternative websites listed there.
Q. so how do i get in touch to start the ball rolling?

A. either use this form to drop me an e-mail and we'll talk,
or use any of the contact details {phone icq,aim,yahoo-chat,msn-chat} given on the contact page of my website, the link is below!

Thrown together Badly by Alan Doherty April 2008